One Crazy Weekend In Review

This insanely crazy busy weekend started off really fun.  Some of us girls from Lululemon were able to volunteer our time with the Mistletoe 5k and Yoga flow.  It was a charitable event hosted by none other than Lululemon.  The event was so much fun however it was freaking cold standing outside directing the traffic which way they were to go.  It was a free 5k run and then yoga and all you had to do was donate a toy.  So kiddos get new toys and we get to sweat with the community.  It was also a great way for us lemons to meet each other and hang out from other stores.  The elves were adorable and everyone had the opportunity to break out their warm Lulu winter items!


I am hooked on my herringbone wunder unders.  I want to get my hands on the herringbone reverse groove shorts.


It was so cold I couldn’t even hold the signs my fingers needed a break.  Yes I know we are in Arizona but it is cold for us here!

In between all of our craziness we had to attend a holiday party for the tri group that my husband is a member of.  I took a couple of quick selflies as I was getting ready and at the country club.  Sorry but not really sorry they were in the bathroom but I had a full length mirror there.  It’s not to often I have the chance to put on a dress.  I had not intention of making it look dressy but I think it came out that way.  Great thing is all items came out of my closet.  I started off with flats and ended up with high heels.  Thank so much to the girlfriend that I stole the blog idea from for doing my make up.  Still need a clever name for her.  Any suggestions?

ImageHinge leather jacket from Nordstrom, Forever 21 dress, LAMB heels


Not only was their work to be done but my daughter had a soccer tournament all weekend long and it was my husband’s birthday.  So of course being a soccer mom I had to capture cool pictures from her and fun pictures of the boys playing football in between quarters.  The girls came in first place for the tournament and then surrounded my husband, aka Mr. Marathon to sing happy birthday as he did his own little jig in the middle.  It was pretty cute.





The boys were having fun!


The birthday jig!

I did absolutely no training this weekend so it is time to catch up.  The gym was screaming my name so I did go today (Monday) and did my shoulder workout and hoped on the stairmaster for a little bit.


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